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A Fresh Start

Here is where this water thing is going to start. I do have some intentions going into this but I am also willing to change as I see how my time and efforts develop. Things we do tend to take on a life of their own and I expect this to be no different. It will be interesting to see how I do or do not stick to what I set out to do but if I don’t, I only hope the changes that do take place are for the better. Regardless, lets lay down my beginning goals for this site.

1. To try to keep track of any water restrictions in place – the site should serve as a resource and place for easy to find information.

2. To discuss ongoing news about water use issues. I anticipate this topic will rise in the attention it receives whenever any tighter restrictions are put in place. If things get really bad it may be hard for me to keep up. I do hope to keep abreast, and keep you informed, about the latest news.

3. To disuss the reasons, outlook and other “lets try and see the bigger picture” type stuff. If you are told you should restrict your water use, it is not such a big deal to be worrying about water. At those times you may be open to hearing about bigger picture things. As more restrictions are put in place this makes us uncomfortable, edgy and potentially less interested in paying attention to why we are in this postion. It does sometimes help to step back a bit and discuss bigger issues. This part may be the most difficult for me to stick to posting about. It means lots of research, hunting down answers and other things that take more sweat and work than just following the latest news.

So that is it for now. I’ll be back soon.

Thanks to J. Davis for sharing his photo